Dickson-Coatings changes its name to Saint Clair Textiles

Our Company, formerly Dickson Coatings, is changing names and is now called Saint Clair Textiles.

This change came about following a change in shareholding that took place at the end of 2019 between the Glen Raven Group and the Sioen Industries NV Group.

It is with great pleasure that we reveal our new identity to you:



This change allows us to forge a stronger link between the company’s name and its production activities, which are fully French.

It is only the brand underpinning the company that is changing! Our products, their names, our teams and your personal points of contact all remain the same, while we strive for ongoing improvement!

Apart from the new name, this change also allows us to now offer you:
•    Acceleration of product improvement owing to technical synergies
•    A wider offering of products and services.
•    Ongoing seeking of solutions to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment.
o    This can be done as we continue to source alternative technical solutions through our EverGreen approach.
o    We also offer you products manufactured from raw materials sourced in Europe.

Our full product range can be found on www.saintclairtextiles.com and you can follow our latest developments on our LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/saint-clair-textiles

A new chapter is opening for our company that has been located in Saint Clair de la Tour since 1918!