For 50 years, Saint Clair Textiles has been producing and supplying PVC coated fabrics to its manufacturing customers.

Our products are renowned for their weldability and flexibility, which make the manufacturing process much easier.

Our expertise, precise manufacturing, uncompromising choice of raw materials and rigorous quality control provide total satisfaction, both to our customers and to their customers, throughout the life of the fabric.

Our colour ranges and width options satisfy most market requirements. We take particular pride in providing optimal stock availability for our entire range of products, as well as quick and efficient order preparation.

Our packaging and choice of transporters are specially suited to meet particular market requirements. We also offer a slitting service,saving our customers precious manufacturing time.

Our organisation places great importance on regular and direct contact with our customers, helping us to better understand their needs. Our technical services are also available to respond to any special requirements.

To sum up, the key words driving our strategy are regular contact,listening to customer requirements,product quality, service and responsiveness.